Pan Cleaning, Straightening & Coating Services

Millions of baking pans of every shape, size and configuration are processed by Pan Glo® plants across America and Mexico each year. Our proprietary wash system coupled with our exclusive AMERICOAT® Plus silicone release coating have provided documented releases in excess of 600 bakes without the aid of pan grease or oils.

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Proprietary Cleaning & Coating

Pan Glo's unique method of cleaning and recoating has been refined and perfected by over 25 years of hands-on experience. Our exclusive cleaning and coating system is self-designed and our coating is proprietary. The prolonged life and optimal performance of pans processed by Pan Glo; guarantees cost control and competitiveness for your bakery.

Good as New

In addition to recoating pans, Pan Glo®; offers pan straightening that can increase pan life by more than 50%. With today’s highly automated bakeries, it is essential that pans perform with automated equipment in the bakery. Straightening pans not only decreases work stoppages due to stacking/un-stacking errors, but also helps prevent conveyor or oven jams, equipment damage, misshaped products, pan damage, and coating damage.